Matesich extended family website

We started this site to share some of our journeys around the world, and also interesting family archive items such as family photos, movies, audio and related items.

Croatia November 2019

We went to Croatia on a 12 day Road Scholar trip, and then travelled the country with our daughter for another 10 days. We visited the birthplace of my grandfather and met related cousins in Diklo, a village north of Zadar. We made lasting friendships, and fell in love with a country. Croatia is a beautiful place, and we will never forget the unique national parks, ancient coastal cities and islands, blue ocean waters and vibrant culture.

This is a story written by Joanna of our journeys. We will be adding images soon.

Trip to Croatia, November 2019

Hurn & Sinclair Family Movies

These are four films from a total of eight home movies (16mm and 8mm) that were created by Baxter Hurn in the 1950's and 1960's in Texas and Arizona. Thanks to Johnnie and Daniel Hurn for saving the films in their original dusty boxes, and Ken for sending them out to get digitized, and certainly to Joanna for writting up the colorful descriptions.

This site is for sharing family movies from the past that we have digitized from film and video. There are a varied cast of characters, from different times and in different places. These videos are being provided here in their raw form, without any editing, and without any adjustments. Therefore, the quality varies, but they are exactly what they are. We hope you will enjoy this blast from the past.

We have more to share, as soon as we get them digitized. If you have any other family films, that you think may be of interest to our extended families, please let us know.

Hurn/Sinclair Film Scans - One

How Long It's Been Since Yesterday

A documentary film by Ken Matesich and Joanna (Hurn) Matesich about the Olney Friends School Grand Reunion, and Guindon-Chambers Woodstock Event, May 27-29, 2022

How Long It's Been Since Yesterday
Premier Showing Event
Sunday, Dec 11, 2022 4:00 EST
Length: 2 hours

Watch on YouTube at Matesich Films