Olney Grand Reunion 2022 Preview

Preview: Now available!

Fresh from the cutting room floor!

Here’s a quick preview of the future film documenting Olney’s Grand Reunion, May 2022, available for viewing and download. Here’s proof that Ken and Joanna have been scaling that steep learning curve of film production to bring you a full-length (20-120 minutes) version soon (this year). With special thanks to the music and friendship that inspired John Stuckey to make his dream of the Guindon-Chambers Woodstock Festival a reality, to the late Nate Kirk for reminding us to do it while we still can, and to all the friends, photographers, archivists and musicians who participated in the production.


James Van Nuys: guitars, vocals; John Stuckey: guitar, vocals; Tom Freedman: bass guitar; Jamie Zavitz: guitar, vocals; Ruth Shaw Brown: vocals, maracas; Rachel Baughn: vocals; John Thomas: guitar; Dave Thomas: fiddle, mandolin, vocals; Sylvia Thomas: harmonica, vocals; Jon McClelland: guitar


Ken Matesich: cameras
Ken & Joanna Matesich: video production

Special thanks:

Don Guindon and Jan Chambers for their work and use of their farm.
John Stuckey for dreaming up this project and making it happen.

Download Preview Video (610 Mb)

Olney Grand Reunion 2022 (How Long It's Been Since Yesterday)

comming soon

Olney Grand Reunion 2022 (Guindon-Chambers Woodstock)

comming soon